About Me

Hello!  I am a photographer based in Las Vegas and have been doing photography for years.  My passion is working with children.  I am a teacher as well (have been for 12 years) which is why I find it an incredible opportunity to work with children.  I am not set in one style/genre of photography as I love capturing all types of images.  


My family is very important to me and have been my greatest motivator and support in my photography.  My husband, Harold, has been so amazing in supporting my aspirations in photography.  My daughter, Alexandra, has been a great help and has become a cute little photography assistant (when she actually wants to help).  


I shoot with a Nikon D750 and love shooting outdoors.  I like natural light, but also love what I can do when I use my flash.  I prefer outdoor photos, but can also do studio settings.  


The photo above is courtesy of Katie Karam of Katie Mae Photography LLC. 

Contact Me

Please email me at rmhphotographylasvegas@gmail.com or contact me on Instagram www.instagram.com/rmhphotographylasvegasfor questions or session inquiries.  Thank you.

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